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Alternative Routes to Certification (ARTC)

General Information/Enrolling in the ARTC Program

The Alternative Routes to Certification (ARTC) program is Delaware’s alternative licensure/certification program for non-education majors. Administered by the University of Delaware, the program provides a means for individuals who have the equivalent of a content major (thirty or more semester hours) in a critical needs area to offer instruction in that area while enrolled in pedagogy, or methods and techniques of teaching, courses at the University of Delaware.

Because ARTC is designed to meet the instructional needs of Delaware public and charter schools – schools may hire an ARTC candidate for a teaching position only after demonstrating that they have been unable to locate a licensed/certified educator to fill the position – candidates must complete the following steps prior to official enrollment in the program.

  1. A candidate must take and pass Praxis I as well as the appropriate (content area) Praxis II, where such a Praxis II has been approved by the State of Delaware (for more information, see testing).

    *Candidates may wish to complete steps one and two simultaneously in order to ensure that they do not complete testing only to learn that there are no job openings in their content area and/or they are unable to locate a sponsoring district. However, it is recommended that a candidate take Praxis I and II prior to the submission of his or her paperwork to the Department (see step two below).

  2. A candidate must locate a sponsoring district or charter school, which has a demonstrable need in the candidate’s content major area and is willing to hire the candidate contingent on the Department’s approval. The sponsoring district or charter school will forward the candidate’s official transcripts, along with any other relevant paperwork, to the Department for evaluation.

  3. The Department will evaluate the candidate and confirm the candidate’s eligibility for ARTC. The Department will issue the ARTC-eligible candidate an initial license and emergency certificate along with a letter welcoming the candidate to the ARTC program and listing the requirements that the candidate must fulfill. Copies of this letter will be sent to the sponsoring district or charter school, which will proceed with the hiring process, and to Frank Livoy, ARTC Program Coordinator at the University of Delaware.

Once admitted to the ARTC program, the program enrollee must complete the requirements given to him or her in his or her Department evaluation letter, namely completion of all ARTC program coursework.

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Procedures for ARTC Enrollees Who Have Completed the Program

Upon completing the program, ARTC enrollees should make sure that the following documents are submitted to the Department:

  • Official transcripts showing completed ARTC coursework.
  • Letter from Frank Livoy stating date candidate completed the program.
  • Letter from immediate public or charter school supervisor recommending candidate for full certification, and
  • (DPAS) Evaluations from school district or charter school.

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Critical Needs Areas

In order to be eligible for admittance to the ARTC program (in addition to meeting the other conditions of eligibility (see above)), an individual must have a content major (defined as a major OR thirty or more semester hours of coursework in the content area) in a critical needs area. Critical needs areas are defined annually by the Delaware State Board of Education and are as follows:

  • All Sciences (including Agricultural Science)
    *Content major must be in the specific science the individual is hired to teach.
  • Technology Education
    *Formerly "Industrial Arts" (i.e., NOT computer science education).
  • Business Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Languages
    *Qualifies one to teach the major language. ARTC candidates are not eligible to hold bilingual or ESOL positions.

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Contact Information

Click here to access district contact information. For more in-depth information about the ARTC program, click here to view the University of Delaware’s website or contact Frank Livoy, ARTC Program Coordinator, by calling (302) 831-4598.

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