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Clock Hours/Continuing License Renewal

General Information

In order to maintain their credentials, holders of a continuing license must participate in professional development activities totaling ninety clock hours every five years. The ninety clock hours must be completed within the dates that appear on the continuing license, and may be fulfilled through any number of activities (see Guideline for the Renewal of a Continuing License Manual). As explained in the clock hour guide, some clock hour activities must be pre-approved by the educator's district or charter school. Click here to access the approval form.

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Submission of Application/Contact Information

As an educator completes his or her clock hour activities, he or she should add them to his or her activity log in the Delaware Educator Data System (DEEDS). When an educator has completed the full ninety clock hours, he or she should print the activity log in DEEDS, sign it before a notary public, and submit it to his or her district or charter school along with documentation of each clock hour activity. (Acceptable forms of documentation for a given activity are described in the Guideline for the Renewal of a Continuing License Manual.) An educator may submit verification of his or her clock hours (the signed activity log and documentation of each activity) to his or her district personnel office/charter school as early as twenty-four months prior to the expiration date of his or her continuing license, but must do so no later than thirty days prior to the expiration date.

Specific questions as to whether an activity can be counted towards an educator’s clock hours as well as questions that pertain to the submission of documentation of clock hours should be directed to the district personnel office/charter school . Although the Department processes the license renewals, it is the district office/charter school that approves the actual activities and accepts and processes the documentation. Each district/charter school then forwards a list of qualified renewal candidates to the Department, which issues the new licenses. Educators whose licenses are up for renewal do not need to contact the Department to request the renewal.

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Processing of Renewals

Educators will be considered fully licensed/certified while their documentation for their new licenses is being processed by the Department. Licenses will begin to be processed about a month prior to the expiration date. Applicants applying early should not expect a change in their status on DEEDS, or on the effective License’s date until that time.

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