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Holders of Non-U.S. Credentials

General Information

*Please note that candidates who hold licensure/certification from Guam or Puerto Rico should see out of state.

Candidates who have attended and/or graduated from a non-U.S. college or university will follow the same application process as all other candidates with one exception: such candidates must have their transcripts evaluated by an independent agency. This agency will translate the transcript (if translation is necessary) AND will determine how the coursework taken by an individual equates to coursework offered at American colleges and universities, which are regionally accredited. Even if a transcript is in English, the transcript must undergo the evaluation process.

Evaluation reports should be sent directly to the Department from the agency, or an unopened copy should be forwarded by the individual to the Department (see contact information).

An individual does not need to send the transcripts on which the evaluation is based. Instead, the official evaluation report will substitute for the transcripts.

An official evaluation report should include the following:

  • A course-by course evaluation of the candidate’s non-U.S. coursework as it compares to a four-year college or university program in the U.S.
  • The semester-hour equivalent of each area of college-level study.
  • A translation of course titles into the English language (if applicable).
  • Verification of the completion of teaching certificate and practice/student teaching (if applicable).

Evaluation reports of foreign education credentials will only be accepted from members of either of the following professional organizations:

  • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member agencies. To find a complete listing of acceptable agencies, go to the “Current NACES Members” website which has links to contact each agency at the NACES site.
  • The Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE). To find a complete list of acceptable agencies, go to the “Endorsed Members” list which has links to contact each agency at the AICE site.

Difficulty with the Online Application

It is not unusual for candidates with a non-U.S. educational background to have difficulty entering their college/university information. Therefore, candidates may need to contact the Department at (302) 857-3388 for assistance in completing their applications.

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